Hang on tight, breathe and enjoy the amazing view as you zip your way alongside the iconic Dubai Festival City fountain on this 250-meter zipline. The best part, there is 2 cables so you can enjoy this experience with your loved ones at the same time.

Activity Rules and Regulations
Minimum Age:
• 6 (Children under the age of 18 must have adult supervision)
Minimum Height:
• 110 cm
Weight Restrictions:
• Between 40kg and 100kg (Subject to change)
Dress Restrictions:
• Do not wear loose jewelry or watches while using activity.
• No loose hanging cloths such as scarves, dresses or skirts are allowed.
• Participants must wear closed toe shoes while using activity.

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The Arch is a mere 5 minutes from Dubai International Airport Terminal 3, located at one of Dubai’s Iconic Malls (Dubai Festival City Mall). There are 2 ways to access the park, either through the mall and out to the bay around the fountains, or via the private carpark, accessed by going 250m passed the front VIP chalet drop off at the front of the Mall. (The Arch will be visible on the right)